The DARLOA office is located in the Bison & Bear Shopping Mall on MT Highway 83 North.
Mailing Address:  DARLOA PO Box 307, Seeley Lake, MT  59868 
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Office Hours: 10am-2pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and  Friday

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Board of Director and Committee minutes are available on this web site under "DARLOA DOCUMENTS".

DARLOA Board of Directors Monthly Spotlight September 2016 To keep landowners informed about issues discussed at our monthly Board meetings, we thought this Monthly Spotlight might be useful in enhancing Board/Landowner Communications. So, in addition to the routine business conducted by the Board (e.g., committee reports, minutes*, Treasurer’s Report, etc.), here is a summary of what the Board discussed/acted upon at our Reorganization Meeting at the end of August and at our regular September Board Meeting held on Wednesday, September 14, 2016: 
Seating of New Directors – After this summer’s election of Directors, we now have a newly-­‐seated Board and the Board has selected its officers. The following is the composition of the newly-­‐ seated DARLOA Board of Directors:
Debra Silk, President
Teresa Cahoon, Vice-­‐President
Karen Johnson, Treasurer and Chair of the EC
Shantell (Shana) Marx, Secretary
Chad Martz
Brian Page
Joann Wallenburn
Thank you to the EC (Karen Johnson, Patrick Constantinides, Margo Hendrix and Carla Schade) for your work on this year’s election.
New Election Commission Members – Although we did not have anyone running for the Election Commission (EC), we did have write-­‐in candidates for the EC. Write-­‐in candidates with the most votes were Jim Normark and Kathy Maradeo who have both graciously agreed to be members of the EC. So, the current composition of the EC is as follows:
Karen Johnson, Chair
Patrick Constantinides
Jim Normark
Kathy Maradeo (Alternate)
Thank you to those willing to serve on the EC.
Hiring of Ranch Manager – The newly-­‐seated Board has unanimously approved the hiring of Joe Miller, as DARLOA’s Ranch Manager. We are in the process of getting a 6-­‐month contract in place commencing October 1, 2016. We are excited to have Joe on board with us and Joe is equally enthused to take on this new role for us. Through his ongoing work with Missoula County, he has extensive knowledge of roads, maintenance, applications and equipment. We are hoping that Joe can help us improve upon what we already have and bring added value to the Association and to the landowners.
Request of Missoula County to conduct investigation – The Board has approved a letter being sent to the Missoula County Attorney’s Office formally requesting an investigation into the highly inappropriate mail that has been sent as an attack on certain Directors and landowners. 
Comprehensive Road Analysis – We are moving forward with retaining the services of an independent road engineer to conduct a comprehensive analysis of our roads and to make recommendations moving forward. Gene Schade is assisting us in this process and will be the Board’s and the Road Committee’s sole designee for purposes of working with the independent road engineer. Again, a big thank you to Gene for assisting us in this process. It is very much appreciated.
Electronic Voting – The EC has brought forth a proposal to allow landowners the option of electronic voting as opposed to sending in paper ballots. We will be further analyzing this proposal and hoping to make a decision on this at our October Board Meeting. 
Annual Work Plan – In collaboration with our Committees and our new Ranch Manager, the Board is in the process of putting the final touches on our Annual Work Plan identifying anticipated work/projects that we would like to accomplish over the coming year. Once that is finalized, it will be available for viewing on the website.

* DARLOA Board of Director Minutes and Committee Minutes are available on the DARLOA Website.

Want to make a suggestion, a comment or voice a concern?   Go to "Online Forms" on the web page menu, then  to "DARLOA Comment/Suggestion/Concern, or click on this link: http://www.darloa.com/cgi-bin/formmanager.pl?action=displayform&formid=1226089741 then fill out and submit the form. Your input will be provided to the appropriate Committee for action.  Be involved, help us improve our services!

 Need a DARLOA form?  Online Forms are available to fill out and submit directly to the office- click on the "Online FORMS" link from the main menu.  

Looking for the Bylaws and Covenants?  Bylaws and Covenants are found in the "DARLOA Governance" folder in "DOCUMENTS".  They are viewable by prospective landowners from the Home page.

Want to volunteer on a Committee?  Call  the office and they will get you in touch with the Committee chairperson.  We need your help and ideas- let's make DARLOA a better place!


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Tuesday, October 4, 2016
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